Reforming Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform clearly already needs reform. Clearly painting the target is usually more than half way to solving a problem, but that hasn't yet happened in the public policy realm on this issue. I think it's simple.

Absolutely none of the wonderful many aims of health care reform can happen without taking cost out of the existing system. More, the existing system cannot even continue without taking costs out of the existing system. The government and taxpayers cannot afford more. So, it's all about taking out costs.

Cost can be taken out of the system in just a couple of ways. One is to implement some form of rationing. Two is to take money out of one or more of those who currently profit from the system. Rationing is tough and nearly impossible on an up-close, personal, human level and though some of it must eventually be done, that will take decades more argument and no one will meaningfully support it until other costs have been reduced. So the problem simplifies further: from which current profiteer will we take something?

The list is long and includes doctors, insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, and many administrative service layers and organizations.

See, simple. Let the real debate begin.

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